The QualiPSo project (Quality Platform for Open Source Software) is funded by the European Commission under its Sixth Framework Program (FP6), as part of the Information Society Technologies (IST) initiative. QualiPSo is launched in synergy with Europe’s technology initiatives such as NESSI and Artemis. The project also leverages large OSS communities such as OW2 and Morfeo.


The QualiPSo consortium has been founded to help industries and governments fuel innovation and competitiveness by providing the way to use trusted low-cost, flexible Free Open Source Software to develop innovative and reliable information systems. To meet this goal, QualiPSo intends to define and implement the technologies, processes and policies to facilitate the development and use of Free Open Source software components, with the same level of trust traditionally offered by proprietary software. This will leverage the Free Open Source Software development current practices to sound, well-recognised, and established industrial operations.


QualiPSo unites 18 founding members across Europe, Brazil, and China. The project includes 7 research and development domains (QualiPSo Competence Centres, business models, next generation forge, trustworthy results and process, information management, interoperability, and legal issues).

Starting date: 2006-11-01
Completion date: 2010-10-31


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