The Crossgrid project develops new tools for the environment grid in type, helping with the processing of interactive computations with a large amount of data. The complex methodology, application architecture in general, the programming environment, and new grid services were the subject for validation and thorough testing in the pilot installation Crossgrid. We have also considered the simplicity of working with the user environment. The users were equipped with the working environment ready for the submission and running the applications over the network in an easy and transparent manner, without the necessity of having the knowledge about the internal structure of the distributed environment.

The project performs the three main areas: advanced tools for the middleware in the grid environment, interactive applications, and pilot installation of the heterogeneous distributed environment. There is strict affiliation between the aforementioned elements.

In the context of this project, several applications were deployed, benefiting with the grid resources:
  • a Grid-based prototype system for pre-treatment planning in vascular interventional and surgical procedures through real-time interactive simulation of vascular structure and flow;
  • the Grid-based Support System for flood prevention and protection;
  • final user applications for physics analysis running in a distributed mode in a Grid-aware environment using large distributed databases for High-Energy Physics (HEP);
  • weather forecast and air pollution modeling.
Crossgrid actively participated in the Global Grid Forum.
Starting date: 2002-03-01
Completion date: 2005-04-30


Miros³aw Kupczyk
ul. Dabrowskiego 79a, 60-529 Poznañ
61 858 2052

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