Wrocławskie Centrum Sieciowo-Superkomputerowe
Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław

dla poczty kurierskiej (siedziba):
Plac Grunwaldzki 9 bud. D-2 PWr, pok.101, 50-377 Wrocław
tel. (71) 320 39 21,
fax. (71) 322 57 97

Kontakt PR:
Agnieszka Szymańska-Kwiecień

tel. (71) 320 20 43

PIONIER Collaborative Projects:
emiter, PIONIER Network, PIONIER Wideokonferencje, PLATON

Collaborative Projects using PIONIER:

Poland is one of the countries considered to be leaders in the global context in the development of IT infrastructure for science, especially with regard to its components – advanced research and education networks: metropolitan MANs and national PIONIER, which guarantee data transmission parameters at a level corresponding to ambitious plans for the construction of pan-European infrastructure connecting HPC centers.

This year's i3 Conference was broadcasted in its entirety on the Web. Now, after its completion, we invite you to watch videos recorded in the session halls and  to familiarize yourself with all the presentations.
The second edition of i3 Conference: Internet - Infrastructures – Innovations held in Wroclaw is behind us. Although the window there was a truly arctic weather in the halls of sessions the atmosphere was hot.
"E-Science as the key to development" is the topic of the second edition of i3 Conference: Internet - Infrastructures - Innovations, which started in Wroclaw. Within three days (1-3 December) over 90 presentations will be presented. The conference is organized by the PIONIER Consortium, PSNC, WCSS and Wroclaw University of Technology.
On 1-3 December 2010 in Wrocław the second edition of the i3 Conference: Internet - Infrastructure - Innovation will be held. Only until the end of October, you can submit your abstracts and speakers reported.
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