Request for information regarding new optical dark fiber routes and services for PIONIER network
Dark Fiber - request for information 2014

Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center(hereinafter referred to as PSNC), Poznań, POLAND expresses interest to gather information regarding potential new optical dark fiber routes and services for PIONIER Polish National Research and Education network. In order to present current PIONIER network status and details regarding potential new services Request for Information (hereinafter referred to as RFI) document was prepared and published on PSNC website.

It concerns dark fiber services between PIONIER Points of Presence in: Cieszyn (Poland - Czech Republic state border) or Zwardoń (Poland - Slovakia state border) or Gubin (Poland - Germany state border) and potential four end locations: Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart. The option of fiber swap is also possible and can be considered.

Full document - Request for Information is available here:

To provide an indication of the services that PSNC intends to acquire, the document includes various statements, estimates and projections with respect to the Request for Information. The statements, estimates and projections are the result of various assumptions and simulations. Please note that these statements, estimates, and projections are subject to significant technical, business, economic, legal and competitive uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond the control of PSNC. Therefore, the information set forth in this document is likely to be considered a guideline. PSNC reserves the right to make any variation during the process. Interested Parties are welcomed to examine the document and submit information.