Lubuskie Networking Tricity

15th anniversary of Zielona Góra Metropolitan Area Network, ZielMAN

On October 11, 2011 15 years of The Computer Centre of the University of Zielona Góra passed. Its main task is to manage and develop Zielona Góra Metropolitan Area Network (in Polish: ZMSK) - ZielMAN.

ZMSK ZielMAN Network was established as a result of the agreement between Zielona Góra's Pedagogical University and Technical University Rectors. Then there appeared the possibility of obtaining funds from KBN (State Committee for Scientific Research) for its construction and operation. In 1996 Research and Development Centre of Electrical Metrology METROL (OBR ME) in Zielona Góra was invited to cooperation. In the year 1998 it starts to operate in the role of Internet operator after obtaining the license to provide telecommunications services from the Ministry of Communication. Also from this year ZMSK ZielMAN is a member of RIPE and conducts a Local Internet Register (LIR).

The obtained permanent link to PIONIER, TPNET network and LEVEL3 network together with BGP routing technology being implemented can provide the reliable Internet access for the scientific and research and development environment, together with the companies and private users of Zielona Góra, Sulechów and Nowa Sól cities, which Lubuskie tricity comprises of. ZMSK ZielMAN has a possibility of establishing direct fiber optic connections with all Internet providers operating locally, among them, TP SA, Dialog, Railway Telecommunications, Netia, Aster, and others.

The revolutionary change was implemented in 2007, the project "Modernization of Zielona Góra Metropolitan Area Network, ZielMAN - ZielMAN2" which was co-financed from EU funds. The project concerned the technological modification of skeletal and access devices from ATM 155 Mb / s to GigabitEthernet 1Gb/s on the basis of the existing infrastructure. This solution simplified the network expansion by the application of modules with higher bandwidth. There was also implemented the modernization of 4 backbone nodes, the construction of 5 access nodes, and 6 Public Internet Access Points (PIAP-s) were created together with the modernization of network management center.

ZMSK ZielMAN consists of 15 main nodes in the buildings within the campus of the University of Zielona Góra, where in CK UZ there is a PIONIER network node with a capacity of 2x10 Gb /s and in Gigabit Ethernet technology, from which two links with a capacity of 1 Gb / s each were compiled to ZielMAM network. ZielMAN network involves also 17 nodes off campus, on the premises of companies and institutions for which University of Zielona Góra provides Internet access services.

Sulechów SulMAN Metropolitan Area Network consists of 13 nodes, and its optical fiber connections, which were constructed in the conduits of TP SA, and have a length of more than 3 km. The network uses two existing SulMAN PIONIER nodes in Sulechów. On the basis of these two nodes the network was built. It has a direct fiber connection from ZMSK ZielMAN in Zielona Gora. To construct the connection, it uses the so-called "regional fibers" of PIONIER network. Currently, ZielMAN network has 46 nodes in “Lubuskie Tricity”, connected by means of optical network, in the owned or leased conduits. Optical network is built solely on the basis of single-mode fibers, and its total length is over 30 km.

As a part of its activities, the Computer Centre provides basic network services for a wide range of users; the services include: the support for DNS domains by a central network ZielMAN DNS server, email support, support for the central ftp server and proxy / cache server, information service of ZielMAN network and of the city of Zielona Góra implemented by a web server and ICT services for the Digital Library of Zielona Góra. The tasks of the unit also include the coordination of the work associated with the development of databases for the University of Zielona Góra and scientific and technical environment of Zielona Góra, and provides the training related to the construction of network equipment, construction and use of computer networks and basic application software, for instance via Cisco Academy.
University of Zielona Góra takes part in PLATON project through Zielona Góra Metropolitan Area Network. The project is being implemented with a help of the EU funds in the framework of the Innovative Economy Program in the centers included in PIONIER Consortium, of which University of Zielona Gora is amember since 2003. The direct objective of the project is the implementation of modern ICT services. In 2010, the University of Zielona Góra launched four of the five modules: videoconferencing, eduroam, campus computing, HD television. According to the plans, television studio and video conferencing room was built at the University of Zielona Góra. Video conferencing system allows to establish audiovisual communication between all MAN networks and KDM centers forming PIONIER network and is used systematically for this purpose.

Another module concerns the campus services that deliver on-demand applications that provide users from the academic and research environment at the University of Zielona Góra with flexible access to different applications, both for MS Windows and Linux. In particular, it will offer remote, interactive work with the applications such as Matlab, Maple, COMSOL, and Corel or AutoCad graphics tools. PLATON project at the University of Zielona Góra involves the installation of the cluster, the key components of which are two IBM Blade servers. The environment is complemented with 10 graphic stations, adisk matrix and the network of connections between these components. Each Blade is equipped with 10 blades, each containing two quad-core processors and 24GB of RAM, giving a cumulative 40 cores and 240GB of RAM on each server.

The service called eduroam is being developed very intensively, it enables the use of 85 secure, wireless Internet access points in Zielona Góra. The last analysis of network traffic in ZielMAN showed that the wireless network will be used by over 9,000 users per day.

As a part of PIONIER Consortium, the University of Zielona Góra joined the EU project called NewMAN, through which, by the end of the year, there will be built a new fiber optic network of 10 Gb / s in GigabitEthenet technology in Zielona Góra, Nowy Kisielin and Sulechów.

University of Zielona Góra fiber investments related to the connection of two major college campuses with fiber route, and the lease of optical fibers from other operators have generated a fiber optic ring that increases the security of the network and makes ZielMAN protected from the damages of fiber optic lines. Investment plans and reconfiguration of optical fiber links allow to optimize operating costs and perform high quality services. As a result of 15-year activities and projects implemented, the new opportunities for expansion of research and international cooperation emerged, concerning, in particular, the developing Science and Technology Park of University of Zielona Góra in Nowy Kisielin, the research centers of which will pursue the interdisciplinary research and contribute to the economic development of Lubuskie voivodeship.


Natalia Warszawska, ZIELMAN