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When in November 2008, after five years from the launch of the Polish Optical Internet, we began to publish a popular- scientific "PIONIER magazine", we wanted to issue a serial journal dedicated to modern network PIONIER and popularization of innovative services based on it, every three-four months. At the very beginning we assumed, that to summarise the editorial year, we will create one more issue of "PIONIER magazine", with the most interesting articles from the Polish editions. But in English.

So here is the first international issue of our publication. In it, among the 39 articles from Polish magazines, we went up 15 of them. There is, of course, the first descriptive article about the creation of PIONIER network, a short brief of three of the 21 MAN centers, forming a Consortium: TORMAN, LODMAN and BIAMAN. We wrote about Cross-Border Initiative, but also about best practices of digital libraries - Wielkopolska and Silesia. We described the Polish projects, worth knowing about: Digital Libraries Federation, National Data Storage and interactive television iTVP, presented a new generation networks' tools (Phosphorus) and tools for open scientific resources (Yadda, Driver & OpenAIRE). We also explained some technologies of our research: 4K Television and Multidomain monitoring: perfSONAR.

In a single word, many interests from the world of Polish Optical Internet. And a brief report about PIONIER at the end of our magazine - what has changed in the last two years in the infrastructure network.

All articles are about us. About achievements, carried out research and work. But this time it is about us, in English.
Feel free to read.

Damian Niemir
editor in chief

PIONIER returns

This time we want to present you the second English edition of PIONIER Magazine, the selection of articles from all four Polish 2011 editions (covers of these editions are presented on page 2). The subjects of these publications are centered around the PLATON project, security issues, scientific visualization, e-energy and green ICT.


Interview with Maciej Stroiński Ph. D., Project manager of PLATON Science Services Platform


Metropolitan Area Network in Częstochowa


15th anniversary of Zielona GĂłra Metropolitan Area Network, ZielMAN


RAMAN Metropolitan Area Network

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